How to use energy to CREATE your life...

Okay, so have you ever heard someone say
"This person has great energy" or "There's
a great energy in that room" or
"I feel bad energy coming from this..."

What does it all really mean?

I know I've said these statements before,
I said it about people, a piece of Art I stood
in front of, churches I've visited,
houses and rooms I've walked into, etc

Take a moment, right now,
become still. Bring your attention inward.

Can you feel a movement even in your stillness?

That's energy.

Everything in the world is either energy or
matter ("stuff" around us) and even matter,
when you really get down to it, is a kind
of energy!

'Energy' is a scientific term for SPIRIT

But WHAT do we mean when we
use the terms "Good (Positive)
Energy" or "Bad (Negative) Energy"?

I believe it's a catch-all phrase for a feeling
that comes from within,  its "our intuition." 

we each come in contact with energy everyday.
With our own energy, with others - its the way
we create our relationships. We each have an
inner compass (intuition) leading and directing us.
Its up to the individual to listen to it or not.

You can tell when something works or doesn't work
for you (whether its a job, a friend an
experience etc) by the affect it has on your life.

Think of it this way - have you ever tried mixing
Oil and Vinegar? Some things mix easily (effortlessly)
and others, no matter how hard you try, will only separate.
Does this bring to mind any current or past relationships?

There is an 'energy' that we each emit going
throughout our life. This energy is called an AURA.

Some people have a faint one, some a very strong one,
and some give off an intense aura. The aura ranges
from extremely positive, to extremely negative.

Some people are ruled by negative energy (consciously
or unconsciously). This energy is one
of always taking and wanting. Never satisfied.
These people are like black holes. They are
always complaining...
Think of the SNL skit "DEBBIE DOWNER".
If you are ruled by negative energy you can change it.
You can begin by waking up and saying
"Today will be a good day" and
then bring your focus on the GOOD and positive things in life.
The color of the sky, a warm breeze, the color of a flower.
The transformation doesn't need to take super human
strength, just focus and daily practice and
you will be on the PATH TO FREEDOM.

POSITIVE energy leads to freedom!

It is a giving force. Positive energy is the magic
ingredient to manifesting your dreams and aspirations.
POSITIVITY helps you transcend this life. You will
gain a confidence and determination that will
allow you to accomplish great things.

It is just this simple: if you are happy, upbeat, and
positive, people are going to respond well to you and
you can influence and help others and make a POSITIVE
difference in this world.

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